About us

Scandinavian design with Vietnamese craft

Altainer is dedicated to providing innovative container solutions for every need.

"With a focus on quality and sustainability, we strive to be a reliable partner for resellers  and end customers seeking tailored solutions to their unique needs." 

- Jakob Kesje (CEO)

Our team comprises diverse expertise in architecture, construction, and environmental sustainability. Together, we work diligently to deliver functional and recyclable modular structures that meet the demands of modern living and working environments.

Altainer stands out for our commitment to quality and innovation. We utilize on the robust exterior of ISO certified shipping containers and together with an interior made from recyclable materials, we create durable solutions with sustainable environmental impact. Additionally, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering a close collaboration in the sales process throughout every project.

You can find our container solutions on three different continents and there will be more to come! 

Whether you're planning a container village, commercial project or an off-site office compound, Altainer is here to help you realize your vision with container solutions that make a positive impact. Let's work together to build a brighter, more sustainable future.