Tiny Home - spacious living!

Your expandable container home

A house with 46 m², plus a patio, when fully extracted.

From 59 950 USD


  • Insulated for cold and hot wheather and with a powerful AC/Heatpump integrated in the wall.
  • Large open plan kitchen, dining and living area.

  • Bathroom with toilet, sink, shower and water heater.
  • Integrated septic tank and water tank available as an option.
  • Kitchenette with stainless steel sink and cabinets for extra storage space.
  • Can be equipped with smart furniture.

  • Multiple electrical outlets ensuring power where needed.
  • Container in colour according to customer wish, or oprional cladding
  • Vinyl floor in any colours available.
  • Re-certified as shipping container for easy relocation worldwide
40 ft + expandable
40 ft + expandable