Design & Craft 


Due to an efficient production- and sales organization in Vietnam and Sweden we can offer very priceworthy ready-made and 100% mobile open sea containers for events, homes & sanitations or if you need more customized containers.

With our own production facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Alltainer can deliver volume production to larger clients around the world within months. Based on Scandinavian design and quality control, we aim at delivering sturdy solutions, for various end-uses, with a luxury touch, using quality materials and focusing on the product finish.

We continuously optimize and improve our standard solutions for our clients. With our own skilled staff in both Sweden and Vietnam, we can transform any design idea into reality, with the help of our in-house architects, engineers, welders, painters, carpenters etc. With a number of various solutions already performing on the market, we can find the solution that exactly solves your needs, without breaking your budget.