Our toilet containers are built to the highest standards and incorporate quality fixturesand fittings. Alltainer already have an existing model portfolio, but if needed specifications could be changed to fit your specific needs.

All containers are designed for optimum performance and incorporate the most durable running gear. All current US and EU regulations are met. As a standard the toilet containers come with their own pressure tested septic tanks, clean water tanks, as well as heating or AC. All tanks are designed to be durable and easy to clean. All connections are hidden in the walls, so clean surfaces are easily maintained. Built only with brand new containers and no organic materials are used for the interior. 

The Alltainer toilet portfolio is made for all climates and heavy duty use, over longtime. 

At the same time the Alltainer toilette solutions are beautifully designed and easy to keep clean.In the standard portfolio, you will also find solutions for special needs, such as disabled access, showers and arctic solutions.

Limited waste solution off grid

Alltainer can also supply off grid solutions, where the water is purified through osmoses in a cleaning module build into the container. Recycling black/grey water waste can be added to extract energy through gas, leaving the remaining residue as high content fertilizing material only. The solution includes an entire recycling process.




We offer ISO container dimensions (20'-45') in transportation mode. The design could be expanded for better usage in operation mode.


We have competitive prices with a short delivery time from our factory in Vietnam. Contact us for a quote.


You can choose different layout, toilet equipments, appliances and off grid solution, e.t.c. Contact us for more information.